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Rutgers University Molecular Imaging Center (RUMIC)

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41 Gordon Road (Suite D)
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41 Gordon Road (Suite D), Piscataway, NJ, 08854
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Yurkow, Edward
Derek Adler
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The Rutgers University Molecular Imaging Center, located on the Livingston Campus, provides a non-invasive approach to study various biological and disease models in living systems, ex vivo tissues and physical objects. Our comprehensive imaging modalities for the basic sciences include: MRI, PET/CT, MicroCT, NanoCT, Optical/X-ray Imaging and High-Resolution Ultrasound technologies. The facility allows researchers to generate multiple, spatially-resolved anatomical, functional, and molecular-level readouts from a single study. Image reconstruction, quantitative image analysis, 3D display and printing are also available. The Center provides animal holding facilities for serial imaging, anesthesia, surgery and veterinary care. In addition to consultation and experimental services, the Center offers periodic training and conducts research to improve existing imaging technologies. Our mission is to empower Rutgers researchers by promoting independent utilization of the facility and to provide imaging resources to other organizations. Visit us at
Office of Research and Economic Development

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