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Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services

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Corwin AA, Building 3431
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102 Nichol Ave. New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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Christopher J. Manente, PhD, BCBA
Rachel Dixon
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Purpose of center:
The Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services provides adults with ASD the supports that are necessary for independence and meaningful engagement within community-based settings . Located on Rutgers’ Douglass Campus and led by the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, the center features a comprehensive program that is designed to support adults with ASD age 21 and beyond through a wide range of services specifically tailored to meet their individual needs. Simultaneously, the RCAAS works to advance research and training within the field of adult services. From vocational training to social support and clinical services, the center equips program participants with the tools they need to enhance and maintain autonomy—all while engaging students in innovative training and facilitating translational research to identify and disseminate best practices in the field of adult autism services.
Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology

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