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Global Tuberculosis Center, NJMS

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ICPH 2nd floor East Wing
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225 Warren Street 2nd Floor East Wing, Newark, NJ 07101-1709
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Lee B. Teichman, MD, MPH
Eileen Napolitano
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GTBI was established in 1993 in response to the national TB Action Plan. The Institute’s mission is to advance state-of-the-art tuberculosis care through excellence in research, practice and teaching. We provide patient-centered care through a multi-disciplinary team approach to address the complex clinical, social and cultural issues which impact the prevention control and elimination of tuberculosis: translate effective and successful TB control strategies into practical, experienced-based, teaching models and provide a nationally recognized training center for courses and affiliations at all levels to increase the skills related to TB for physicians, nurse, epidemiologists and all other health related professionals. The Institute plays a leading role in the international arena, providing expertise in program development, education and training and research to ministers of health, national TB programs and healthcare providers around the globe.
New Jersey Medical School-Newark

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