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Adult Clinical Research Center

Acronym or abbreviated name:
Adult CRC
Campus address:
East Tower, 8th Floor
RWJMS-New Brunswick
U.S. mailing address:
125 Paterson St., New Brunswick, NJ 08903
Telephone number:
732 235 6402
Fax number:
732 214 9060
Web site address:
Sunanda Gaur, MD
Deborah McCloskey, RN, BSN
Contact telephone number:
732 235 5965
Contact email address:
Purpose of center:
The Adult CRC is a comprehensive center with expertise in Phase I-IV clinical trials. It provides facilities, nursing, pharmacy and laboratory services, protocol support and regulatory guidance for all clinical trial needs. The CRC has been hosting clinical research, providing specialized nursing care and offering administrative research support for over 20 years. The center provides investigator support for IRB and regulatory compliance, contracts and budgets, study procurement and management, investigational drug management, as well as providing a central contact for sponsors and CRO's. Nursing and support services provide expertise in study coordination, research-based patient care, creation and customization of source documents, data management and adherence to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines.
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