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Cardiovascular Research Institute

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Medical Science Building, Room G-609
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Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine, 185 South Orange Avenue, Medical Science Building Room G-609, Newark, NJ 07101-1709
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Junichi Sadoshima, MD, PhD, Executive Director
Junichi Sadoshima, MD, PhD
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The Cardiovascular Research Institute, a subunit of the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine within the New Jersey Medical School / UMDNJ, is composed of a multidisciplinary team of biomedical scientists and physicians with a substantial integration of their research programs, ranging from physiology to molecular biology, and from biochemistry to pathology. By applying advanced technologies in cellular and molecular biology, molecular genetics, genomics, and proteomics, the Institute focuses on identifying specific proteins and molecular pathways responsible for cardiac disease, and applies this knowledge to the development of novel approaches in cardiac disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management. This integrative approach to biomedical research has led to major discoveries which keep New Jersey Medical School on the cutting edge of cardiovascular research, and has led to the Institute achieving one of the highest peer reviewed funding rates of any cardiovascular research program in the United States.
Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine, New Jersey Medical School

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