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Oral Infectious Diseases, Center for

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Room C-636, Medical Science Building
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185 S. Orange Ave, MSB C-636, Newark, NJ 07103
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Dr. Daniel H. Fine
Dr. Daniel H. Fine
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Purpose of center:
The Center for Oral Infectious Diseases is a modern, state-of-art basic research science facility whose faculty members investigate both host mediated and bacterially mediated factors that contribute to the cause of various oral diseases by biochemical, immunological and microbiological means. The center utilizes metogenomic, structual proteomic and biochemical anlysis of microbial and host factor related to oral diseases. Areas under investigations include the virulence factors of A. actinomycetemcomitans, antibody response variations in localized juvenile periodontitis, the structural and functional domains of amylase, alcohol's effect on the glycobiology of mucous secretions and the relation of salivary lipid to oral mucosal disease, defensins and their role in disease, cytokines in disease, genetic risk markers of infectious, developmental and malignant disease.
Graduate School of Biomedical sciences. Public Health Research Institute, Cancer Center and School of Public Health.

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