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Northeast Institute for Evidence Synthesis and Translation

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Suite 1127, Stanley Bergen Building
Rutgers Health Sciences Campus at Newark
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Stanley Bergen Building, 65 Bergen Street, Suite 1127, Newark, NJ 07101
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Susan W. Salmond, EdD, RN, Co-director, Cheryl Holly, EdD, RN, Co-director
Yuri T. Jadotte, MD, PhD
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The Northeast Institute for Evidence Synthesis and Translation (NEST), a collaborating center of the Joanna Briggs Institute, works with researchers, clinicians and managers to: identify areas where health professionals most urgently require summarized evidence on which to base their practice; carry out and facilitate systematic reviews of international research, identify the need for, and promote the conduct of, multi-site research studies in areas where good evidence is not available; prepare easy to read summaries of best practice in the form of Best Practice Information Sheets, based on the results of systematic reviews; design and conduct targeted dissemination activities in areas where (or when) good evidence is available; promote broad dissemination strategies to ensure that findings are made available to healthcare professionals, all levels of the health care system, governments and service provider units, as well as consumers of health care; evaluate the effects of selected Best Practice Information Sheets on practice variability, health outcomes and costs; design, promote and deliver short courses in evidence based practice for clinicians, researchers, managers, lecturers, teachers and students; develop customized Evidence Based Practice training and Evidence Based policy and procedure manuals and perform meta-analyses of outcome data on behalf of other researchers looking to synthesize evidence from primary research studies on a direct, fee for service basis.
School of Nursing, RBHS

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