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Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases (i3D), Institute for

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MSB F 607D
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185 South Orange Ave., MSB F 607D, Newark, NJ 07101
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William C. Gause
Jennifer Yaney
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The i3D is a newly developed institute formed to integrate three currently separate Centers of Excellence at New Jersey Medical School who share a common interest in immunity and infectious disease. These centers include the Center for Emerging Pathogens, the Public Health Research Institute, and the Center for Immunity and inflammation. The i3D brings together a critical mass of NIH-funded basic and clinical research faculty with the goal of developing collaborative projects and multi-investigator translational research grants. Our goal is to house many of these faculty in one single building creating a platform for organic collaborations and resource sharing like never before. Based in Newark, a focus of the i3D will include global pathogens and diseases of the underserved. The emphasis on inflammation will provide novel insights into a range of diseases from Lyme disease to Tuberculosis.

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