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NJMS Sarcoidosis Center

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Virtual Center
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Larry Frohman, MD 90 Bergen St Newark, NJ 07103
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Co: Larry Frohman, MD; Andrew Berman, MD
Larry Frohman; Andrew Berman
Contact telephone number:
Frohman: 973-972-2026; Berman: 973-972-6111
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Purpose of center:
Our goals in developing a Sarcoidosis Center of Excellence are: 1) To improve the quality of care for patients with sarcoidosis. 2) To provide comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients with sarcoidosis, by establishing a multispecialty approach, allowing for co-management of patients with single or multi-system disease. 3) To become a regional referral center for initial and second-opinions, as well as providers of continuity care. 4) To offer state-of-the art therapeutics. 5) To offer a full range of diagnostic services necessary for managing sarcoidosis. 6) To establish an educational program for physicians and health care workers. 7) To establish an educational program for a culturally diverse patient population. 8) To establish the only regional sarcoidosis patient and family support group. 9) To establish a sarcoidosis cohort to study the disease and patients who are affected by it. 10) To provide the clinical arm for potential institutional translational research, by exploring connections with the Inflammation and Immunity section of NJMS.

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