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Law and Philosophy, Institute for

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Law School East
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217 North Fifth Street, Camden, NJ, 08102
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Adil Haque, Douglas Husak, John Oberdiek, Dennis Patterson, Alec Walen
Kimberly Ferzan
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The ILP seeks to advance knowledge and understanding of philosophically significant legal topics, both in normative legal theory and in analytical jurisprudence. It is designed to extend the acknowledged excellence in philosophical inquiry at the University by bringing together the strengths of the Camden Law School and New Brunswick Philosophy Department. In addition to its primary mission, the Institute has several secondary functions, including educating faculty members and students at the law school on the philosophical implications of a variety of legal topics, introducing the law school community and university community to literature and arguments on issues of contemporary relevance, and hosting conferences and roundtables for discussion of issues of contemporary importance.
School of Law-Camden; Department of Philosophy, New Brunswick

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