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Executive Leadership in Government, Center for

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RU Telefund and Continuing Education & Outreach
College Avenue Campus (CAC)
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303 George St., Suite 604, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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732-932-6998 x603
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Angie McGuire
Angie McGuire, Ph.D.
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732-932-6998 x603
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The Center for Executive Leadership in Government is a unit of the Center for Government Services at Rutgers. Its mission is to strengthen the leadership capacity of individuals and teams responsible for delivering public and not-for profit programs in New Jersey and beyond. CELG education and training opportunities help public sector professionals at all levels build knowledge, address best practices and navigate changes in the field. Programs are designed and facilitated by faculty and practitioners who, through their insight and experience, inspire new ways of thinking about organizations and introduce innovative approaches to guiding change.
Division of Continuing Studies, RU-Camden Department of Public Policy and Administration, NJ League of Municipalities, Center for Government Services

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