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Micro Electronics Research Laboratory

Acronym or abbreviated name:
Campus address:
School of Engineering Building - D wing
U.S. mailing address:
98 Brett Rd, Rutgers University-Busch, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854
Telephone number:
732-445-0680 (info), 732-445-4281 (lab)
Web site address:
Yicheng Lu
Warren Lai, Associate Director (MERL)
Contact telephone number:
732-445-0680 (Associate Director)
Contact email address:
Purpose of center:
The Microelectronics Research Laboratory closely works with researchers in academic, government and industry to help solve problems in multidisciplinary science and engineering and high-tech industry, to train students and to carry out advanced research in micro- and nano-optoelectronics, solid state devices and electronic materials. The capabilities of the laboratory include a dry processing area for plasma processing, thin film metallization and dielectric, thermal processing, ultraviolet lithography, nano-imprint and most recently atomic layer deposition.

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