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Historical Analysis, Rutgers Center for

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College Avenue
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88 College Ave, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901
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Alastair Bellany
Lynn Shanko
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Founded in 1988, the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, located at 88 College Avenue on the Rutgers campus in New Brunswick, brings together internationally distinguished scholars, the university community, and the New Jersey public to engage in research, education, and public service on historical topics of broad community relevance. The RCHA's programs are designed to meet at least two needs: To put current social trends and issues in historical perspective and to overcome the fragmentation of knowledge which keeps us from seeing the wider dimensions of problems. The RCHA thus joins the scholarly concerns of an advanced research institute with the outreach programs of a major public educational institution. In addition to weekly seminars on Tuesdays, the Center hosts a variety of public conferences and related cultural events, sponsors an Institute for High School Teachers, and houses the Journal of the History of Ideas.

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