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Advanced Materials via Immiscible Polymer Processing, Center for

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Richard Lehman
Richard Lehman
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The mission of the AMIPP Center is to explore new materials and structures that can be made by processing immiscible polymers, often in combination with other materials such as ceramics and metals. The thrust of our research recognizes that exceptional properties can be achieved in multi-component immiscible polymer blends without compatibilizers when properly processed. Several fundamental mechanisms assist in generating such properties. Mechanical grafting, the intimate mechanical linking and clamping of intimately processed immiscible phases, induces additive property relationships similar to alloying. Phase and molecular orientation generated in the fluidic processing environment assist in generating synergistic property relationships. The extensive interfacial network generated by the near-nanosize morphologies is a key resource for physical, mechanical, and chemical engineering of the composite properties. Functional nanoparticles provide additional performance and synergy with the polymer and interfacial network.
Department of Materials Science and Engineering [MSE]

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